Telecom Job Board

October 16, 2014

Post a job listing on this site for 30 days. After 30 days your job listing will expire and be removed. You can always post the job again for another 30 days.

We're excited to announce our new telecom job board. Currently it's free to list a job opening on our site for 30 days. After the 30 days your job listing will expire but you can always list again for another 30 days. We hope this becomes another great resource for telephones installation professionals looking for work in the fast moving telecommunications industry. Have a job opening? List it today.

Newly Revamped Site

January 22, 2011

A Completely revamped search interface and now search engine optimized.

Good News: We're excited to announce a newly revamped and vastly improved site. We redesigned the search interface to allow visitors to search by zipcode, city or phone system type. Search engine optimization has been overhauled, which means all telephone installer business listing will have a better chance of appearing in organic searches performed on Google and others.

Additionally, paid plans have been introduced and provide the option of allowing listings to stand out from other telephone installer listings in your area.Paid plans consist of three different levels and are priced as follows: Basic (4.99/mon), Plus(9.99/mon) and Premium(14.99/mon). All paid plans come with a 30 day trail and you can cancel at any time

The Premium plans has the unique ability to automagically feature your listing on the home page when our remote location feature is able to determine a visitors location by their IP address..

With all these great changes, we hope to bring all of our installers more qualified installation and service leads and wishing all installers continued success in 2011 .